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Lillian was young and beautiful. She was eager to live many fruitful and productive years.

Then disaster struck the life of pleasure and comfort came to an abrupt halt. Her husband was diagnosed with diabetes with all the concomitant problems. The flourishing construction business was liquidated. The husband died leaving his wife and children with virtually nothing.

After the loss of her husband, Lillian underwent a dehumanising form of poverty which made her vulnerable to all sorts of diabolical allurements. She was forced to the life of a mule and all that goes with it, truly a worst form of human degradation. Unlike many people who are involved in drug trafficking, Lillian got caught in Bermuda. In a foreign land, forsaken, alone, suicidal and on the verge of self-destruction, Lillian lost all hope of seeing her children again. In that deep dungeon of sin and darkness, her eyes saw the light what many human beings gravely long for. Though she was still in prison, surrounded by guards 24/7, her soul was free as a bird on God’s blue sky. She was free.

Finding the joy of the Lord could not keep her down. She was bubbling over, and wanted the whole world to know about it. On her transformed state, she reached out to many inmates with the gospel of Christ. Against all expectations and prison laws, she started a church in prison. Even members of the community found their freedom within locked space of jail. Many inmates were set free, and after seven years she was pardoned.


This book is dedicated to all Christians who love God with all their hearts. My hope is that you find your true self in the secret place because the truth of the matter is that your life is hidden in God. All your answers are hidden in Him.  This work is also dedicated to men and women of God who have deviated from the call of God due to the pleasures of this world. May the message contained in this book lead you to true repentance. Lastly, this message is a reminder that you are invaluable beyond imagination and richer than the mineral mines of this world.







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